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It was 45 years ago when first I was introduced to Agnihotra, the core discipline of Homa Therapy, by Vasant Paranjpe in Washington D.C. USA. From that initial and quite profound meeting until today a growing number of practitioners worldwide have been tirelessly dedicated to sharing this revealed science which has its origins in the Vedas. Over this span of time many thousands of others have joined our ranks and today Homa Therapy has emerged as a powerful tool for personal and group healing, self development, Homa organic farming as well as it is a potent and demonstrably effective drug and alcohol de-addiction program and protocol.

Today due to the toxic state of our planet the need is even greater than in years past and requires a concerted and sustained effort to set things right. Homa Therapy and those who daily perform Agnihotra and other Homa’s stand at the ready to help others learn and begin their practice. Through the many loving efforts of volunteers worldwide our planet is being healed and transformed.

HomaGrown was a Branding idea that came to me while visiting India in 2008 just prior to the passing of our dear friend, spiritual mentor and resuscitator of Homa Therapy, Vasant V. Paranjpe. It was clear then and even more clear today that disseminating this message to the masses is an imperative if we are to bring the earth’s energy cycle back into balance. HomaGrown as an idea to accomplish this very worthy objective has therefore evolved over the previous 10 years and today we launch in the form of this website my personal intentions going forward.

As a professional business developer and planner I wanted HomaGrown first and foremost to become a sustainable business enterprise simply because I believe that this is the best way to prove the efficacy of Homa Organic Farming in real world financial terms.  Secondly I wanted to financially support the larger community of farmers engaging in Homa Organic Farming worldwide. To accomplish this I have been considering many different business models over the years. As is often the case business opportunities are not immediately recognized and at times a spark of inspiration is required and often this spark comes from another’s point of view.

Recently I was contacted by a friend and reader of my book, “The Ancient Solution to Modern Pollution” , Dr. John Ratcliffe asking if I would be willing to help him and his partner to implement Homa Organic Farming methods on their farm. His interest was in the full range of benefits that these methods are providing with particular focus and interest in increasing the potency and the active ingredient content of his crop. They are growing a strain of hemp for the purpose of producing CBD oil having invested large sums in the equipment needed to extract the oils from the plants. He also made it clear that both he and his partner/s were equally interested in producing their crops organically with all of the collateral benefits to the soil, air and water resources on their farm.

The cultivation of hemp for the purpose of producing CBD Oil is now legal in 10 US states. Soon many other states will also allow its cultivation as the laws are changing. With so much to offer and with the many benefits it provides hemp as a cash crop is uniquely positioned to explode in the years just ahead. It is for these reasons that I have decided that this would be a perfect way to accomplish several of the key goals and objectives I have previously mentioned earlier in this article.

  1. To create and establish a profitable commercial enterprise.
  2. To incubate a proving ground for a sustainable business use case leveraging the blockchain.
  3. A vector for raising awareness of Homa Organic Farming practices directly to and through consumers and producers.
  4. A way to financially support Homa Organic Farming around the world through Grants and a well defined CSR Policy.
  5. A way to document the supply chain for the benefit of both producers and consumers of HomaGrown products.

HomaGrown will be a consultancy assisting existing farming operations in the implementation of Homa Organic Farming methods and protocols. Many employment opportunities for fellow Homa practitioners from around the world will also now be a possibility meaning the business can be scaled as demand for the HomaGrown consultancy grows in its service to this long overdue emerging industry.

Cannabis research firm Brightfield Group estimates that the U.S. market for hemp-derived CBD hit $291 million in 2017 and will balloon to $1.65 billion by 2021 – growth of more than 500% in just four years.

This is the first stage of a planned move into supporting other medicinal food crops and I see this initial choice as a logical and efficacious first stage development to that end. HomaGrown further intends to leverage the BlockChain to securitize our business offering thereby allowing investors from around the world to participate while also tracking the supply chains of our clients HomaGrown products. In this way consumers and producers will have the confidence in knowing their products are cultivated using Homa Organic Farming methods and as such are products that they can have the highest confidence in. They will also be happy to know that by purchasing HomaGrown products that they are supporting a farming method that is restorative of the eco-system.

Blockchain technology will enable the secure and transparent trace-ability of certifications and other salient information in HomaGrown product supply chains. Provenance enables every HomaGrown product to come with a digital ‘passport’ that proves authenticity assuring the consumer that our products are in fact what they claim to be with respect to their origin and method of production. By creating a transparent and auditable record of the supply chain journey the potential benefits for businesses, consumers and the environment, are hard to overstate. The Decentralized Application (Dapp) proposed for HomaChain is still in development and we welcome all Homa Therapy community members to collaborate on this new approach that will further help to bring Homa Organic Farming practices into the light and in so doing will serve as a powerful vector for the dissemination of Homa Therapy information.

Here is a link to the full report on hemp production in the United States


For more details please contact Robert Bagnall here.

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