Homa Organic Farming with Volunteers

With millions of people worldwide in dire need of healing from addiction to alcohol, tobacco, opioids, pharmaceutical drugs and other addictions Homa Farming offers the perfect opportunity to serve those in need. We know from the experience of 47 years with Homa Therapy that anyone who wishes to use these disciplines to treat their addictions experience dramatic results that also come with very low rates of recidivism.

HomaGrown proposes that those in need of help who truly wish to end their addictions apply to work with us on farms where these practices are the central focus and cohesive force of the farm community. A 24 hour continuous Homa fire is a shared responsibility of those who live on the farm and daily Agnihotra at sunrise and sunset is also practiced by all. These disciplines together with a healthy diet consisting of HomaGrown Organic produce and work on the land will enable and empower those who partake to better their lives while also contributing to the valuable work being done on the farm. Further more those who successfully transform their lives will be encouraged and trained to establish new farming locations throughout the world so that their example may be duplicated by others. This is HomaGrown.

Homa Organic Farming is the need of the hour and opens the flood gates to a rich life experience based on service to others and the environment upon which we all rely. We are actively seeking donations of land for the purpose of establishing Homa Farms through the world. The benefits to the land owners who donate are many and include a constant supply of the highest quality of organic produce, the enrichment of the land itself and the satisfaction of knowing you are supporting a world transforming activity unlike any other. Additional financial incentives are also available for those who are interested in learning more.

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